Out of a life-long love for all of nature, has come my ever-growing awe and respect for plants, their qualities and abilities, and my ever-deepening connection with their world. This page is a place to share some of the ways I have found to interact with plants and their gifts.


Inspirational Messages From Nature for Your Everyday Enjoyment

Enchanting images with their messages on the back of each card. Draw a message for the day, be inspired by fresh perspective and supported by the wisdom of the plant kingdom.

$22 Each

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Voices from the Rainforest

The cedars said, “We have so much to tell you.” That’s how it started. For several years after that, wandering and camping in wild West Coast forests, Diana and Val listened to the plants and trees which caught their attention. They were drawn ever deeper into the web of life.

Collected are 36 images of rainforest dwellers, and the messages received from these sentient, intelligent beings. These universal, insightful messages will be your aides for daily inspiration and reflection.

Voices from the Desert

Exploring the Anza-Borrego desert, Diana was awed by the strength, resilience, and beauty of plants growing there. In the process of getting to know them, she realized that each plant has something to tell us.

This collection of 33 compelling images of flowers and plants along with their insightful, inspiring, healing and universal messages will be your aides for daily inspiration and reflection.


As we have been continually amazed at the wisdom of these beings, we trust that using the cards as oracles, or thought for the day, you will be constantly inspired.

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Musical Meadow

Voices from the Desert

A photographic tribute to 33 plants living around Borrego Valley in the Colorado Desert, along with their messages to humans, as heard by Diana Mongeau and Breta Matson. Music by Alan Micelli.

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